softpink mahogany
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Soft Pink Started back in 1996 When Ged (The Drunken Punk) met with Allan (The Bass) Blanch whilst working at the Queens Hall, after many drunken and drug induced conversations it was decided that Halton's music scene had all but died and required some serious ass kicking to get it back into shape. After enlisting Phil Woodbridge a local Sound engineer they decided to run a serious of band nights in Widnes Starting in September 1996 with the mind blowing Soft pink Mahogany featuring Zero, Nation of Addicts & Beavis got Laid. and a guest list that included The local Mayor, The Chief Constable of Cheshire Police, and several MP's and MEP's Rumours that none of these individuals never turned up are completley true, The night went far better than anticipated with over 100 local punters making the treck over to the Queens Hall Studio. The second Soft Pink Gig Followed on April 5th 1997 with a line up that included If where Ocean, Red Five, Big Hair & the Termites. The night also saw the launch of Feeedback Magazine, a local mag printed by Musicians in Halton with the help of the local council arts team. (See Feeedback issue 2 for a review and a rather bad early Photo) The fearless Trio continued their Quest for musical Harmony throughout Halton But unfortunatley the numbers dropped the Press weren't arsed SO it was decided that Soft Pink would have far more respect if run in conjunction with Halton Council's Arts team, and after several meetings with Roy Jones the music worker, the running of the Studio showcases were handed over and continued for several years until a new Location was found in 1999 and "Gig At The Vic" was born. Soft Pink Mahogany continue to promote local bands and their work to this day. In april 2000 Softpink started their latest venture @ club night Called trashed run at Runcorn Football club, however with the club moving out in 2001 sept the team decided that it was time to call it a day and go back to their routes promoting and supporting local musicians with this in mind was launched to help local bands meet and share ideas.